Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): Three prisoners- Hossein Rahimi, Naji Omarzadeh and Khalil Salehi- were executed on murder charges at Orumiyeh Central Prison on Monday March 11, 2019.

A reliable source told KHRN that “these prisoners were transferred from Ward 3-4 to solitary confinement cells a day before the execution and they were executed on Monday at the Orumiyeh Central Prison in the presence of the victim’s families.”

According to the source, Naji Omarzadeh and his brother ‘Saji Omarzadeh’ killed someone nine years ago during a family conflict. The execution of another defendant of this case has already been postponed.

“Khalil Salehi, from Orumiyeh, and Hossein Rahimi, from Bukan, were jailed for eight and 12 years respectively on Murder Chargers.”, the source added.

The national media channels have not announced the news concerning the execution of these three prisoners yet.