Iran has carried out the death sentences of five prisoners in the past two days in Orumiyeh Central Prison.

Nasser Azmoudeh and Shahriar Amiri have been executed on 3 July for the death penalty given on drug charges.

While Baha-oddin Ghasemzadeh, Davoud Ghasemzadeh, and Anwar Abdollahi have been executed on the morning of 4 July for their death sentence on charges of “premeditated murder”.

A day before their executions, the prisoners were taken to solitary confinement, sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

Reportedly, the Ghasemzadeh brothers and Anwar Abdollahi were executed in the presence of their parents.

Davoud Ghasemzadeh was in a wheelchair, suffering from a spinal cord injury caused by security forces shooting him during his detention.

Security forces arrested Davoud and Baha-oddin Ghasemzadeh on 3 December 2009 in Orumiyeh. In 2012, the Criminal Court of Orumiyeh sentenced the two brothers, who come from Salmas, to “retribution in kind (qisas)” on the charges of “premeditated murder”. The verdict was upheld a year later.

Anwar Abdollahi, who comes from Mahabad, was arrested about 12 years ago on murder charges and was sentenced to “retribution in kind”.

Additionally, prisoners Shahriyar Amiri was from Oshnavieh, and Nasser Azmoudeh came from the Qulenji village of Orumiyeh.