The Iranian security forces shot dead a Kurdish woman while she was watching the protests on the top of her apartment along with her neighbors.

Mina Sheikhi, born in 1960 and a single mother of six children from Saqqez who was residing in Tehran, was shot dead by the Iranian security forces on the roof of her apartment in the Persian Gulf neighbourhood located at south Tehran on 16 November. 

Sheikhi was watching the protests on the roof of the apartment along with her neighbours and relatives when she was shot three times in the heart from the street.

Her children took her to Fayaz Bakhsh Hospital in Tehran but she passed away before reaching the hospital due to her critical injuries. Security forces immediately transferred her body to the Department of Forensic Medicine at Behesht Zahra Cemetery.

Security forces reportedly handed over Mina’s body to her family three days after her death and warned them not to do any interviews with the media and defending human rights organizations.

Mina Sheikhi’s body was transferred to Saqqez after being handed over to her family who buried her body in Saqqes cemetery.

Her husband has passed away several years ago and she was the sole guardian of her six children.

“Mina Sheikhi’s brother, Amin Sheikhi who was a member of one of the Kurdish opposition parties, also lost his life in clashes with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s military and security forces. Her other brother, Mohammed Sheikhi, was also arrested and executed for his political activities,” the sources added.