A driver known as Mehran Tak was shot dead by security forces during a mass protest in Shabrang Marivan Square on 16 November.

Tak, born in 1987 and married with a child, was killed by a bullet in his forehead as shown in the photo taken from his body minutes after he was shot dead.

Upon the transfer of his body to the city’s hospital, security forces transferred his body to the Department of Forensic Medicine along with the bodies of other people killed in the protests. His body was eventually transferred to “Behesht Mostafa” cemetery of Marivan at around 4 pm on November 17, with the presence of a number of security forces and two members of the Tak family. Security forces did not allow the funeral to take place in the mosque, and his burial also took place under tight security measures.

Dozens of Tak’s relatives went to the funeral at night even though the security forces had threatened the civilians not to attend the cemetery. Following this incident, Mehran Tak’s wife and father were summoned to the Intelligence Office and threatened not to put the martyr’s name on his grave under any circumstances.

At least 8 civilians have been reportedly killed during protests in the city of Marivan and buried in “Behesht Mostafa” cemetery on November 16 & 17. 

Mehran Tak