A renowned Iranian Kurdish political activist living in Stockholm Ghafour Mohammadi has been severely wounded in an assassination attempt on his life on the outskirts of the Swedish capital, Stockholm, on 13 February.

A family relative of Mohammadi told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that the assassination attempt took place after Mohammadi and other Kurdish activists had held a protest to condemn recent Turkish army’s killing of civilian Kurds.Xefur Mohamadi2

“It was around 16:30 when unknown gunmen opened fire on the car that carried Muhammadi and other activists who had reached Fittja on the outskirts of Stockholm after they had left their protest,” the source told KRHN.

“The emergency police was informed and an ambulance helicopter immediately transformed wounded Mohammadi to Karolinska hospital because of his critical injuries,” the source said.

The source added: “He is now in I.C.U. at the hospital and even his family members have not been allowed to see him.”

Ghafour Mohammadi is a former political prisoner from the city of Mahabad in the Kurdistan region of Iran.

He was renowned as the city’s most famous political activist, who was arrested and imprisoned for seven months in 2005 on charges of “collaboration” with the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK).

The Iranian security forces pressured him to leave the country after his release.

His wife, Kajal Shaikh Mohammadi, was arrested and imprisoned for six months after Mohammadi had fled Iran to Sweden.