Branch 10 of Orumiyeh( Also known as Urmiye) Court of Appeal has sentenced a Kurdish civil rights activist to three years in prison on charges of “acting against national security” for contacts with foreign media and human rights organizations.

Armed forces of the Intelligence Office of Boukan arrested Kurdish civil rights activist Ismael Sanyar 13 December 2015.

He was accused of sending reports and news to foreign media and human rights organization outside the country.

He was held in Boukan’s Intelligence Office’s detention centre for one month, where he was under prosecution.

He was later released on bail.

On 16 March 2016, Branch 101 of Boukan’s Public Court and Revolutionary Court tried Sanyar and a few days after the trial he was acquitted of all charges.

But Boukan’s Attorney General protested against the verdict and Sanyar’s case was sent to Branch 10 of Orumiyeh Court of Appeal.

Two court sessions held in December headed by judge Aliyar Khalilzadeh and judge Mohamad Hossein Rezaee, sentenced him to three years in prison for having talked to foreign media and rights organisations.

Sanyar was also arrested in 2006.