In recent days, security forces have continued to arrest citizens and civil activists protesting against the Killing of Kurdish Kolbors in the city of Gilan-e-Gharb and transferred them to an Intelligent detention centre in Kermanshah.

According to the reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Network, on Sunday, of September 10, security forces raided the home of a Kurdish cultural activist known as Rasoul Sayyadan Manesh in the village of Sayadyan from the Gilan-Gharb city. They arrested Syyadan Manesh and transferred him to one of the Intelligent detention centre in Kermanshah while confiscating some of his personal belongings.

It is not known why this Kurdish cultural activist has been arrested and where he is being detained. However, it seems that he has been arrested on similar charges as five other Kurdish cultural activists arrested in Kermanshah earlier.

“Rasoul Sayyadan Manesh is a cultural activist in Kurdish language who posted comments in one of Telegram channels.” an informed source told KHRN in this regard.

During the past several days, a number of civil and cultural activists had announced that they would hold a gathering on Thursday, September 06 in front of the governor’s office in Kermanshah.

On Thursday, September 07, five activists- who had attempted to Rally in protest to the Killing of Kurdish Kolbars- in Kermanshah’s Koudak Park were arrested by Iranian Disciplinary Forces. These 5 activists have been identified as Farzad Safre (Poet and Cultural Activist), Foad Mozafari (Writer, Literary Critic, Cultural Activist), Shahriar Rostami, (Writer and Translator), Arsalan Abbasi (Musician and Tanbur Player) and Shahriar Tahmasbi (Cultural Activist).

The security forces raided houses of these cultural activists the next day and seized a number of their personal belongings, including cell phones, books, writings and …..