Five Kurdish cultural activists of Kermanshah, detained on charges of protesting to killing of Kolbars, were released from Dizelabad prison in Kermanshah on personal surety yesterday. Another cultural activist, detained along with the aforementioned five detainees on the same charges, is still in the prison since his release was based on providing a bail of one hundred million Tomans which he cannot afford.

Five cultural activists including Sharyar Rostami, Farzad Seferah, Foad Mozafari, Arsalan Abbasi and Rasoul Sayadian Manesh were released on personal surety from Dizelabad prison in Kermanshah on September 16,an informed source has told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

Another detained activist called Shahryar Tahmasebi is still in the prison since he cannot afford to provide the bail required for his release ,he added.

According to this source, these cultural activists were tortured in IRCG Detention Centre in Kermanshah and the security interrogators have constantly tortured them with electric shocker. The informed source also added that Kermanshah Islamic Revolutionary has charged these five cultural activists with ‘attempt to create turmoil’ although they had only rallied in protest to killing of Kulbars.

It is worth noting, On Thursday, September 07, five activists- who had attempted to Rally in protest to the Killing of Kurdish Kolbars- in Kermanshah’s Koudak Park were arrested by security forces of the Iranian Disciplinary Forces. These 5 activists have been identified as Farzad Safre (Poet and Cultural Activist), Foad Mozafari (Writer, Literary Critic, Cultural Activist), Shahriar Rostami, (Writer and Translator), Arsalan Abbasi (Musician and Tanbur Player) and Shahriar Tahmasbi (Cultural Activist). A couple of hours later, they were transferred to the Intelligence detention centre of Kermanshah IRGC.

Moreover, on Sunday, 10th of September, security forces arrested a Kurdish cultural activist known as Rasoul Sayyadan Manesh in the village of Sayadyan (part of Gilan-Gharb city) while raiding his house and confiscating a number of Sayyadan Manesh’s personal belongings.

On Monday, September 04, the murder of two Kolbars in one of the Baneh borderlands led to massive protests in Baneh, and the protests spread to Sanandaj, Mahabad and Kermanshah during following days. In recent days, security forces have continued to arrest citizens and civil activists protesting to the Killing of Kurdish Kolbars in various cities of Kurdistan.