A Kurdish journalist from Sanandaj, who was arrested by security forces earlier this week, has been released on bail while another detained journalist has been transferred from the Intelligent Detention Centre of the Saqez to Saqez prison.

“Farhad Hadi, a journalist and editor of Dangi Kurdistan Weekly who was arrested on Sunday, Oct 8, 2017, at his workplace by the security forces, was released two days later on a bail of 30 Million Tomani from the Sanandaj Intelligence Detention Centre,” an informed source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network(KHRN).

“During his 2-day detention, this Kurdish journalist was interrogated about his comments in social media and the contents published in the latest volume of Dangi Kurdistan Weekly concerning Kurdistan independence.”, the source added.

The Dangi Kurdistan Weekly is a bilingual magazine in Kurdish and Persian. The latest issue (volume no. 50) of this magazine was published on 5 October this year and it mainly dealt with the issue of holding a referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Mukarian news agency has also reported the arrest of one of its reporters known as Bakhtiar Khoshnam in Saqez. According to the website of this news agency, Mr. Khosnam who was arrested on Tuesday, Sept 26, 2017, has now been transferred from the detention centre of the Saqez to Saqez prison.

He was previously went on trial at the Islamic Revolutionary court of Saqez in July this year on charges of propaganda against the regime through talks with foreign media.