Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): Sanandaj intelligence Office has banned Hassan Amini, a well-known clergyman in Kurdistan and the head of Imam Bokhara ‘Religious School’ of Sanandaj, in Kurdistan from travelling to Zahedan and attending the graduation ceremony of Dar-Alolum theology students in Zahedan

“Per the Islamic jurisprudence and numerous principles of the Constitution including Principle 12, taking these measures against the Sunni clergies is prohibited. Such actions, which are contrary to the law and Islamic Jurisprudence, do not have any advantages for the government other than creating more disappointment and frustration among people .”, The Kurdistan Shari’a Office announced in a statement in this regard while calling such actions of Sanandaj Intelligence Office ‘contrary to the law and Islamic Jurisprudence.

It is worth mentioning that Hassan Amini had published an open letter on the occassion of Unity Week in December and he had criticized the continuous discrimination exercised against the Sunni Muslims in Iran. It is noteworthy that this clergymen has been summoned and interrogated for his religious activities by the security institutions several times. Moreover he was summoned by the Special Court for the Clergy of Hamedan in July 2018, regarding his participation at the funeral ceremony of Ramin Hussein Penahi, a political prisoner who was executed on September 08, 2018. The court charged him with propaganda against the state and influencing the public opinion on account of participating at this ceremony and issued a bail for his release. He was also summoned to the branch 1 of the Islamic Revolutionary court of Sanandaj in March last year for investigations about propaganda against the state and disturbing the public opinion.