Six civilians from the village of Celin of Hewraman have been sentenced to three months to four years in prison by the Marivan Islamic Revolutionary Court for cooperating with one of the Kurdish opposition parties. All these detainees were arrested a year ago but they were temporarily released on bail.

“During the past several days, the trial of Hamid Ahmadi, Borhan Adwaian, Abdullah Adwai, Fardin Adwai, Ansar Adwai, and Aram Adwai was held without presence of their lawyers at the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Marivan on charge of cooperation with the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK). Accordingly, Hamid Ahmidi was sentenced to four years in prison while Borhan Adawaian Aram Adwai were both sentenced to one year of imprisonment each. Fardin Adwai and Ansar Adwai were each sentenced to two months in prison while Aram Adwai was sentenced to three months of imprisonment.”, a reliable source in Marivan told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN)

After the civilians appealed against the verdict, their case was referred to the court of appeals in Sanandaj.

It is noteworthy that at least eight civilians of the village of Celin from Sarvabad were arrested by the forces of the Marivan Intelligence Service and the Islamic Republic Guards Corps (IRGC) forces during December 2018 but they were released on bail after a few weeks.

Villagers of Celin, on the Hillside of Kosalan, are under pressure every year under the pretext of cooperating with Kurdish opposition parties. “In recent years, at least thirteen people in the village of Celin have been arrested and interrogated on similar charges related to political parties. All these people were detained by the IRGC forces and then transferred to the Marivan and Sanandaj Intelligence Offices.”, a family member of one of these detainess, who has also experience of being detained and interrogated by security agencies told KHRN earlier in an interview.