Yaser Amini Azar, a Kurdish teacher and Teachers’ union activist, was sentenced to 15 months of imprisonment by the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Mahabad.

This teacher was arrested by security forces in Mahabad and transferred to Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre in Orumiyeh when he was returning home from school on Wednesday, May 7, 2019.

He had been interrogated for a week about his guild activities and following his participation in protest sit-ins against the unsatisfactory situation of teachers in March but he was later released on a bail of 50 million Tomans.

Yasser Amini Azar, who is also a member of the “Quran School”, was recently sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment by the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Mahabad for “acting against national security”. The verdict states that this Kurdish teacher had been found guilty based on evidence and judicial regulations which have led to the Court of Appeal upholding the verdict.