A former political prisoner was summoned by the Kermanshah Intelligence Office by a phone call on 19 October while “no reasons” were provided for the summon.

Former political prisoner Danial Darab Khani was summoned after being released from Dieselabad prison in Kermanshah where he was held for 10 months. Khani had been sentenced to one-year in prison, however, he had been granted a two-month pardon.

The seecurity forces arrested Khani following the protests in Kermanshah on March 9, 2018 and transferred him to Dieselabad Prison after 28 days of interrogation. He was finally taken to the Kermanshah Revolutionary Court (branch 2) in November and released on a bail of 150 million tomans until the end of his trial.

Khani was also sentenced to one-year in prison by the same court headed by Judge Shahrokh Moradi, on charges of “acting against national security”.

During the protests that took place in Kermanshah for several days in 2018, dozens of protesters were detained by security forces and held for weeks and months at Kermanshah security police and intelligence offices. A number of these individuals were subsequently tried in court on the charge of “acting against national security”.