Iranian police has shot a group of people fighting each other, killing a civilian and injuring another in Darreh Drezh of Kermanshah province.

Kurdish civilian Sirwan Mohammadi has lost his life and Ali Ahmadi has been seriously injured in the shooting that took place on 17 March. Ahmadi has been taken to hospital and is currently being held in the ICU, sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

A source in Kermanshah spoke to the KHRN about the incident, saying that the incident was a result of a fight between two groups of people after a shopkeeper insulted a woman.

“Yesterday, after a shopkeeper in Dolatabad town insulted a woman customer, her relatives, who are residents of Darreh Drezh (Mahdieh) town, gathered in front of the shop. An intense fight took place between these people as a result. After that, the officers of the special unit of the police force came to Darreh Drezh and shot at a group of residents of this town who were going towards Dolatabad. Sirwan Mohammadi, a 25-year-old man, was shot dead, and a 70-year-old man named Ali Ahmadi was taken to the hospital due to severe gunshot wounds.”

Col. Alireza Daliri, the commander of the Kermanshah police department, confirmed the news of the death of a man to the police news website, without mentioning how he was killed, and said: “After a large-scale conflict occurred in Dolatabad town, police officers rushed to the scene. The officers, with great effort and authoritative presence, were able to put an end to this mass conflict in which people used firearms, bats, and sticks.”

The police official added that at least seven citizens were detained during the conflict.