Iranian forces have shot dead two Kurdish Kolber workers while another Kolber worker has been badly wounded at another shooting incident at the hands of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards [IRGC], a source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN)..

Kurdish Kolbers hardly earn small living by transporting items on their own backs between Iran and Iraq, where they are systematically targeted and killed by the Iranian government armed forces patrolling in the border areas.

“On Friday 14 October IRGC forces opened fire at a convoy of young Kurdish Kolber workers and wounded 22-year-old Ahmad Nazari. Locals in the area were not allowed to intervene to provide first aid to the wounded, which is why his condition worsened and he lost his life on the road to the hospital,” the source said.

“On the same day, in a village near a neighbourhood in Orumiyeh, Iranian armed forces opened fire without any sorts of warning at a group of Kurdish workers and killed young Kolber worker 20-year-old Hossein Amini,” the source said, adding that “two days after [the incidents], on Sunday 16 October, [Iranian] border guards targeted 25-year-old Kolber worker Askhan Fatehi, who is originally from Kermanshah Province, but thanks to local people in the [border] area who took the wounded young man to a hospital of Paweh area for treatment”.