This morning, a Kurdish Kolbar from Piranshahr died of a heart attack while working at the border area of the Darychin in Piranshahr.

Hamza Molodipour

According to the reports received by Kurdistan Human Rights Network, on Thursday, September 14,

Hamza Molodipour, a 51-year-old Kurdish Kolbar, suffered a heart attack caused by pressure from his job while working at the border area of the Darychin of Piranshahr. He was married with two children.

“Molodipour did not any have other choices than working as Kolbar due to poverty and unemployment despite the fact that his heart was working with a battery,” An informed source told KHRN.

Darychin border is one of the common frontier lines for over 4,000 Kolbars taking turns to work in this route. Each Kolbar will have a chance to work in this route several times a month and carry a specified amount of goods from the border into to the country. Kolbars are prohibited to use vehicles, so they carry loads weighting over a hundred and fifty kilos on their backs along a distance of several kilometres. As a result, they suffer from physical discomforts such as a disk chamber and sometimes a heart attack.