A group of kolbars was trapped in snow in the mountains of Hojra Faghihan of Baneh, on Sunday afternoon January 27. As a result, two kolbar died and there is no news on the fate of another kolbar. One kolbar was saved by the local people.

“A group of Kolbars were trapped in severe snow and blizzards in Hojra Faghihan of Baneh around Nunur when returning from the border at 22:00 on Sunday, January 27. In order to escape the ambush of the border troops, these had chosen Hojra Faghihan as its path”, one of the villagers from the village of Nunur from Baneh has told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

According to this source, The villagers were able to save one of kolbars but two kolbars, Saman Salehi from Saqez and Mohammad Karimi from the village of Baneh lost their life due to frostbite.

“Moreover, another kolbar, Abbas Qadzadeh has disappeared in the snow and the local people have not been able to find him due to the cold and snow and lack of cooperation of state institutions.”, the source added.

Since the beginning of the cold season, seven Kolbars have died due to frost in various areas of Kurdistan.