The authorities of Iran’s Mahabad prison have illegally transferred Kurdish political prisoner Rasoul Khezr Mruwat to Mianduab prison without giving a reason for the illegal transfer, a reliable source said in an interview with the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“On 11 September Rasoul Khezr Mruwat was transferred from Mahabad prison to Mianduab prison on the orders of the prison chief and prosecutor. And this is the second time the prisoner is illegally being transferred, the KHRN source said.

“He was handcuffed and chained during the transfer process and he was humiliated by security personnel in charge of his transfer after arrival at Mianduab prison, where he was first kept in solitary confinement for 24 hours before his transfer to Ward 3, which is the ward for prisoners of drug-related crimes,” the source said.

Khezr Rasoul Mruwat has a degree in Literature and he was a political activist during his undergraduate student years.

He was arrested on 26 February 2013 for having gathered outside the Education Ministry’s administration office in Mahabad where he participated in an unarmed peaceful demonstration that called for support Shinawe students.

He was then interrogated for three months in detention facilities of local authorities of Mahabad and Orumiyeh cities.

He was refused a lawyer and legal representation during his detention and later at the Branch One of Mahabad Islamic Revolutionary Court, which sentenced him to five years in prison on charges of “actions against national security”, which the Appeal Court in Oroumiyeh almost immediately confirmed.

Mruwat was then transferred from Mahabad prison to Orumiyeh prison on 8 March 2014 for unidentified reasons and returned to Mahabad prison in April 2014.

The KHRN source went on saying that Mruwat was a known activist during his student years and that the very first time he was arrested was in August 1999 and sentenced to three years in prison and 5 years of suspended prison by the Islamic Revolutionary Court in Mahabad.

He spent two years behind bars and released from prison on strict conditions, one of which being his expulsion from university and halt to his student life although he had already been admitted to a masters degree subject as part of his post-graduate studies.