According to informatin obtained from local source by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network(KHRN), Fayegh Chireh, Kurdish civil rights activist was released from prison in Mahabad, on May 21,2017 at the end of his two years sentence.

This civil activist has been arrested by security forces in Mahabad on Feb 24, 2015, after participating in a rally in support of Kobani, and has been transferred to the Mahabad security detention centre. After 50 days interrogation and being held in security detention centres in Mahabad and Orumiyeh was transferred to prison of Mahabad. Then, he had been released on temporary bail of 200 million IRRs.

On May 18, 2015, due to his peaceful civic activism, on the charges of propaganda against the national security he was sentenced to 2 years in prison by branch 2 of the Mahabad revolutionary court. After the ruling becomes final on July 2015, Chireh was summoned to Mahabad court and arrested by prosecutor’s order and transferred to Mahabad prison to serve his sentence.

During the two years in prison, despite his illness and problem in his left ear, Chireh has been deprived of his right to medical treatment and hospital by Intelligence office in Mahabad.