A couple of days ago, Orumiyeh Military Tribunal sentenced a Kurdish soldier to ten years in prison on charges of spying for one of the Kurdish parties.

“Sediq Heini, a soldier from Shno (also known in Farsi as Oshnavieh), who served his conscription at one of IRGC offices in this city, was arrested by security forces this July and interrogated for a month at Orumiyeh Intelligence Detention Centre of IRGC office.”, a source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“After the interrogation, this Kurdish citizen was transferred from IRGC Intelligence Detention Centre to Orumiyeh Central Prison and his court hearing was held at Branch 1 of the Orumiyeh Military Tribunal without the presence of a lawyer on Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017,” the source added.

“On Oct 26, 2017, this political prisoner was informed that the military court had sentenced him to 10 years of imprisonment and exile to Ardabil prison on charges of spying for one of the Kurdish parties. The concerned political prisoner was then transferred to ward 13 (ward of ordinary crimes) by the prison authorities and his requests for being transferred to the political prisoners’ ward have been neglected so far.”, the source continued.

In May 2016, at least 17 citizens of Orumiyeh were arrested by the IRGC’s forces following the conflict between the Iranian Kurdistan Democratic Party with the IRGC in the village of Qara-e-Sahil. The arrested citizens are now being detained at Orumiyeh Central Prison of Orumieh, each charged with a heavy sentences.