A prisoner of ordinary crimes, who had been on hunger strike at Tabriz Central Prison since Sept 22, 2018 died yesterday on Sept 24, 2018 due to heart stroke.

According to Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), this prisoner has been identified as Biok Lotfollahzadeh, (61 years old from Tabriz ) who was a retired employee of the Electricity Utility Company.

He only had to serve another 40 days in prison to complete his one year imprisonment sentence due to not affording to pay his debt two million Tomans. The family of this prisoner has repeatedly contacted the Tabriz court over the last 40 days and offered to pay the debt and release him but their request was rejected every time for unknown reasons.

In protest against this situation, the prisoner had gone on hunger strike Sept 22, 2018 despite suffering from a serious heart problem but the authorities of Tabriz Central Prison still neglected him.

He died of a heart attack in his sleep at 7:30 PM on Sept 24, 2018, when he had gone to bed to rest. His dead body was immediately transferred to the prison’s health centre before being transferred to Forensic Medical Center of Tabriz.