Kurdish prisoner Maraan Khamo lost his life due to the delay in being transferred to a hospital outside the Orumiyeh Central Prison whose death marks the third case in row since September in similar cases.

“Khamo was taken to the prison’s clinic on 8 November for health conditions deteriorated and was held there for several hours, however, he was returned to ward 15 despite no improvement in his condition,” a source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

The source additionally said that Maraan Khamo was transferred to the prison’s clinic on 12 November morning after his physical condition worsened despite the urgent need to hospitalized in a hospital out of jail where he could receive necessary treatments. He lost his life at 9 pm on 12 November due to delay in the hospitalization process.

Khamo had been arrested and sentenced to execution for premeditated murder in 2015.

This is not the first time a prisoner has died in Orumiyeh prison due to medical negligence. Earlier, on August 22, a prisoner Nobet Sahrayi died at Orumiyeh Central Prison Hospital due to medical negligence and delay in being transferred to a hospital.

Ahmad Amookhteh, a Prisoner, who had been transferred from Financial Crimes ward of Orumiyeh Central Prison to the Prison’s Clinic due to becoming unconscious, also died on 5 September due to the delay in being hospitalized.