March 26, 2020 : Following the Protest at Tabriz Prison, the physical condition of one of the prisoners “Dariush T”, who was wounded by direct shooting by prison guards, is reportedly critical. Despite the urgent need for inmates to receive medical care, prison officials have refused to transfer them to the hospital.                                                        ______________

A reliable source in Tabriz has told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that the Protest at Tabriz Central Prison has resulted in at least 7 prisoners being wounded during the shooting of prison guards. According to the source, prisoners in wards 9 and 7 of Tabriz Central Prison refused to take prison food yesterday in protest to not being granted leave and the risk of coronavirus. Moreover, a number of prisoners continued their protest in response to the irresponsibility of prison officials by burning their blankets this afternoon. As a result, the prison guards entered the ward and violently attacked the prisoners.

KHRN Sources have confirmed that prison guards targeted the prisoners held at these the above-mentioned wards, which resulted in at least 7 prisoners being injured. At the time of providing this update, gunshots still continue to be heard from Tabriz Central Prison.

About 800 inmates are being held at wards 7 and 9 of Tabriz Central Prison.