Woman political prisoner Somayeh Ghoreishi who suffers from a heart condition and is imprisoned in Orumiyeh Central Prison, has been denied the right to medical treatment and medical leave due to the opposition of the prison authorities, sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

A source in Orumiyeh told the KHRN that “Last night, Somayeh Ghoreishi has been in a bad condition due to a heart problem. Her cellmates have tried to transfer her to the prison infirmary, but the ward guard has prevented the political prisoner from being released from the ward and transferred to the prison’s medical centre.”

Ever since the political prisoner’s imprisonment in January 2021 to serve her sentence, her repeated requests for medical leave due to a heart disease have been rejected, the source added.

Ghoreishi, who is a Turkish civilian from Orumiyeh, was arrested by security forces in December 2019 and was transferred to Orumiyeh Central Prison after 17 days of interrogation. In February 2020, she was sentenced to a total of five years in prison on charges of “acting against national security” and “propaganda against the state” through “collaborating with the People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran”.

The political prisoner was temporarily released in March 2020 on a bail of 500 million Iranian Tomans – nearly 20,000 USD – after the court ruling, but was imprisoned in January 2021 after the sentence was upheld by Branch 10 of the provincial Court of Appeals.

Ghoreishi’s sentence was later reduced to two years and seven months in prison after the announcement of the “double-urgency plan to reduce sentences”.