Prisoner Amir Rezaei who lost his consciousness as a result of torture by Orumiyeh prison officers, has died in the prison infirmary last night, on 17 May.

A source confirmed the news to the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) and said: “On Sunday, 16 May, Amir Rezaei was taken to quarantine ward along with several other prisoners due to a fight that took place between some prisoners in Ward 14 of Orumiyeh Central Prison. Yesterday evening, as the quarantine ward’s door opened, he tried to escape to Ward 2-1 due to the difficult quarantine conditions and was beaten by prison officers.”

“Amir Rezaei was transferred to the central guard office of the prison and was beaten again with a baton by four prison officers, which led to the prisoner losing his consciousness”, added the source.

After the prisoner was transferred to the infirmary, he died of “severe injuries as a result of torture”. His body has been taken to the department of forensic medicine in Orumiyeh this morning and was not delivered to his family at the time this report was being prepared.

The 35-year-old prisoner, who was from Orumiyeh, had been arrested about 10 years ago on drug-related charges and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.