Two citizens from the Kurdish town of Shno (also known in Farsi as Oshnavieh) were transferred from Orumiyeh Intelligence Ministry detention center to Orumiyeh Central Prison.

“On Saturday 8 July 2017, two Kurdish citizens, including Amir Peyghami and Taher Khorshidi who were previously arrested by security forces in Shno were transferred to Orumiyeh Central Prison after being held in solitary confinement at Intelligence Ministry detention center in the city of Orumiyeh a month. Another detainee, Farooq Sharvirani, who was arrested by security forces in Shno on May 11, is still detained in solitary confinement at the Orumiyeh Intelligence Ministry detention center,” a reliable source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“Amir Peyghami and Taher Khorshidi (a member of Revolutionary Guards Corps) were arrested on May 29 and May 31 respectively on the charge of cooperation with one of the Kurdish parties and they were taken to Orumiyeh Intelligence Ministry detention center. While arresting these two Kurdish citizens, the security forces also searched their homes and seized a number of their personal belongings. These two detained citizens are currently held in temporary detention in wards 3 & 4,” the source said.

“During this period, Farooq Sharvirani was permitted to phone his family only once after his arrest to tell them that he was under arrest in one of the detention centres in Orumiyeh. Since then, he has not been permitted any family visits or phone calls,” the source added.