One month after the arrest of two supporters of Komala Party of Kurdistan by the Iraqi Shab’i forces (Popular Mobilisation Forces) in Kirkuk. There is still no information on the fate of detainee yet.

“On Nov 17, 2017, one day after seizing of Kirkuk by the Iraqi forces, two Komala supporters called Rashid Afshari and Saeed Moazer were arrested at one of the checkpoints while traveling from Sulaimaniyah to Erbil and no information has yet been obtained about their fate.”, an informed source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“The two Komala supporters had Pass Permit in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and they did not have any legal problems. However, upon seeing their membership card in Komala Party, the Hashd Shabi immediately arrested and transferred them to one of the detention centres in Kirkuk.”, the source said.

Recently, more than 800 Kurdish political and civil activists called on the Iraqi government to immediately release the two detainees while stating that Iraqi government should be accountable for the lives of these two detained supporters.

According to the source, the close connection of Shabi troops with IRGC Force and the large presence of the IRGC military advisers in the Shabi troops have raised concern over the possibility of the detainee’s transfer to Iran.

It should be noted that the two brothers of Rashid Afshari (known as Razgar and Ali Afshari), were executed in the central prison of Qazvin in February 2015, on charges of Moharebeh through their membership in Komala.