In the past few days, Donations collected by members of the Qur’an School to help Earthquake Victims in Salas Babajani have been confiscated by governmental forces.

“On Tuesday, February 13, intelligence and security forces and the Red Crescent Societies of Salas Baghajani raided the place where popular donations were held and confiscated the donations collected by members of the Qur’an school.”, a reliable source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

The forces confronted the members of Qur’an school and sought to confiscate the goods without providing any inspection warrant but they had to leave due to the timely presence of the people. However, an hour later, they were finally able to confiscate some items, such as 120 blankets and mattresses, while providing an inspection order.

According to the source, 97 million Toman of cash donations to the school kept in the account number 1102088723 at Tejarat Bank was blocked on December 28 per the order of the prosecutor of Kermanshah. To this day, Despite the school’s follow-ups, the authorities have still not provided any information about the reason for blocking the afor-mentioned account.

It should be noted that the earthquake in Kermanshah occurred near the border between Iran and Iraq of magnitude 7 in magnitude 7 on November 21 and resulted in 620 deaths, hundreds injured and more than 70 thousands of people becoming homeless.

In recent weeks, more than 9 children have died due to the cold weather in the wake of the authorities’ lack of attention to the daily problems.