Following a new wave of summoning and interrogating Kurdish labor activists, a member of the Free Trade Union of Iran Laborers has been summoned to the news headquarters of the Sanandaj Intelligence Service for interrogation.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that on Friday, June 15, a construction worker and member of the Free Trade Union of Iran Laborers called Khalil Karimi was summoned by the Sanandaj Intelligence Office and interrogated for four hours.

The interrogations mostly focused on his participation in the “International Workers’ Day”, as well as his visit to the family of “Ramin Hossein Panahi”, the political prisoner sentenced to death.

Earlier on June 09, a number of members of the Osman Ismaili family, a labor activist and a former political prisoner were summoned to the Saqqez Intelligence Bureau. His children, “Ghazal” and “Arman”, as well as his son-in-law (Khabat Rahimi) were interrogated for their participation and photography in the International Workers’ Day.

On the same day, Kaveh Hakimi, a bakery worker, was summoned and interrogated to the Saqez Intelligence Bureau due to participating in the International Workers’ Day.

It should be noted that Osman Ismaili, a labour activist who had been arrested the security forces on International Labor day’s gathering and transferred to a central prison in Saqqez City, was later released on bail on May 17.