Last year the Prosecutor’s Office of Youth detention centre In Yasouj, announced the release of Ghadriyeh Ghaderi, a Kurdish political prisoner is on 26 May, 2017 but recently the prison authorities said that according to new letter from Orumiyeh courts, she has one year sentence in prison and verdict to leave the country.

Despite the end of 7 years imprisonment, authorities have refused to release her by extending her detention order.

According to Article 134 of the Penal Code, if the inmate is sentenced for two different offences, the ultimate penalty is the one of the most serious crime and that will be applicable.

According to Human Rights Network Kurdistan (KHRN), last week the Court of Orumiyeh ( AKA Urmiye ) has sent a letter to the Prosecutor’s Office of Youth detention centre In Yasouj and has stated that the one year of imprisonment of Gaderi on charges of attempting to leave the country illegally already served.

After follow-up of the political prisoner, prison authorities told her that she will be held on 26 May in prison. After this date, the prison will refuse to accept her responsibility. If the Orumiyeh court insists for the continuation of her detention, the prison will transfer her to Orumiyeh Central Prison directly. Contradictory statements by judicial authorities on the release of this political prisoner in Orumiyeh made a confusion.

Ghadriyeh Ghaderi, Kurdish prisoner (Turkish-Iranian citizen) was arrested in May 2011 in the city of Orumiyeh and she was in custody of the intelligence office of Orumiyeh for three months before she was transferred to the Orumiyeh central prison. The Iranian Revolutionary Court then sentenced her to 10 years in prison in cooperation with Turkey’s Kurdish rebel group, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

The Court of Appeal lowered her sentence to seven years in exile in Yasouj prison. She was transferred to the Yasouj central prison on 6 July 2013, and she has since been jailed in the women’s section where female prisoners sentenced for ordinary crimes are also detained. She is suffering from ear infection, severe headache and numbness of one of her hands. She was twice transferred to a hospital outside the prison for medical treatment.

In another case the General Court of the city of Orumiyeh, she charged on “leave the country illegally” for one year imprisonment. The court charged her without checking her identification papers. In spite of the fact all her family was accepted in Orumiyeh as citizens the court ignored the document and charged her for attempting to leave the country illegally.

Ghadery has heard about her father’s death in prison, in 2016 and she had enclosed her father’s death certificate to her application, but the Intelligence Office and the Attorney General of Orumiyeh did not accept to grant Ghadery’s request for temporary leave.

While this Kurdish prisoner suffers from an illness that causes numbness and pain in her left ear with the confirmation of health care centre of the prison of Yasouj, she was only allowed 15 days leave in August 2015, but because of lack of time she was not able to get enough treatment in hospitals outside of the prison.”