In the past few days, two young men and women have committed suicide and lost their life.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network has been informed that “On Wednesday, February 18, a 31-year-old young man called “Iqbal Sarhadi” (an expelled student from University of Tabriz and resident of the Aqqa Mahaleh of Baneh) ended his life by taking a large number of pills.”

According to friends and relatives, the causes of suicide are personal motives and psychological problems.

It should be noted that a 26-year-old woman called “Laulau Moradi (married with 3 children) set herself on fire and ended her life due to family problems ( her husband had remarried) at Mousavi Region of Marivan in the same day.

Unfortunately, the rate of suicide in Kurdistan has been significantly rising due to various factors such as unemployment, poverty and family issues.