The Kurdish political prisoner known as Zeynab Jalalian in Khoy Prison published a letter to Atena Daemi and Gulukh Iraei, two political prisoners in Qarchakh prison, and thanked them for their letter while urging human rights institutions to take measures for releasing these two political prisoners.

A copy of this letter sent the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN), is as follows:

Greetings to All my Captive Friends with Free Souls.

I scream the voice of freedom from behind the walls of my cold cell with its thick wall. My best regards to all of you, prisoners with free souls.

My dearest friends Golrokh, Atena, and everyone else who remembered me! Appreciating the reflections of your voices behind the horrid walls of prison is the best symphony I have ever heard in my life. Your voice is a sign of the strength represented by my country’s high mountains. Your letter was the most valuable gift I received during my ten years in prison. According to a famous poem, Your pure hearts clearly represent that my screams have not gone wasted.

My dear friends! when I heard that you were in prison, my heart broke- particularly when I heard about all the tortures and difficulties that you have gone through. Despite all your hurdles, you didn’t forget me and wrote a letter to me, thank you all.

I hope that I can return all your love and kindness with my patience and resistance and I swear that I will fight until the last drop of my blood to show that I deserved your friendship in such a difficult time.

You are in jail for a crime you have not committed. If you think that the cry of freedom is a crime, this crime is beautiful and magnificent.

Hoping for the day that no liberal voice is held in prison.

In the end, I call on all human rights institutions to do their best to free those who are in prison in the Islamic Republic for the sake of freedom and equality, so that these loved ones, like me, do not spend all their youth behind the prison bars.

Resistance is Life

Zeynab Jalalian

Khoy prison