During the past few days, at least two young women in the cities of Saqqez and Mahabad have committed suicide and ended their life.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that on June 06, a young woman called “Kazhal Eshkooti” from the village of Youssef Khan ended her life by hanging herself.

The young woman, who was also a mother of two children, committed suicide after finding out that her husband had decided to remarry.

Another young woman, called Nashmil Hosseini, originally from Saqqez and resident of Sanandaj, also committed suicide on June 05.

The young woman, a nurse by occupation and born in 1986, ended her life by taking pills for an unknown reason.

Unfortunately, the increasing rate of suicide among women in Kurdistan due to various factors (such as unemployment, gender discrimination, poverty and family issues) has raised many concerns.