Kurdish political prisoner Sakineh Parvaneh has been on a hunger strike at Qarchak prison since Monday, May 25, in protest to his five-year prison sentence and authorities’ failure to comply with the principle of separation of crimes.

She has been transferred from the quarantine to Ward 3, where drug and financial prisoners are being held, for the past several weeks.

On May 25, Peyman Darfshan, the lawyer for the political prisoner, announced the issuance of a five-year prison sentence and a two-year ban on membership in political groups and communities for his client by Branch 26 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Tehran. He wrote on his Twitter account that the court had given permission to contest the verdict.

According to the court ruling, Ms Parvaneh was charged with “membership in anti-regime groups called Komala and the Democrats with the aim of disrupting the country’s security.” Meanwhile, there are currently at least five independent political organizations in Kurdistan, called Komala and Democrat.The Kurdish civilian from Khorasan asked to be transferred to Iran late last year after a visit to the Iranian consulate in Erbil of Kurdistan. However, he was arrested at the “Bashmaq” border and transferred to Evin prison in Tehran.

A reliable source in Tehran had previously told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network  (KHRN) that “Sakineh Parvaneh was transferred to the women’s ward of Evin Prison after being interrogated. In April of this year, she was transferred to Qarchak Prison in Varamin Prison due to writing slogans in Evin Prison. After four days in solitary confinement, she was transferred to Aminabad Psychiatric Hospital in Rey”.

According to this source, Ms Parvaneh was transferred to the quarantine of Qarchak Prison after being hospitalized for 25 days at Aminabad Psychiatric Hospital in Rey.