The students at Industrial University in Kermanshah continued their strike for the second day.
“A group of students at Industrial University in Kermanshah have been gathering at the lobby of IT Department since Monday 14 May in protest to the privatization of the Educational System, reduction of the maximum years that students may take to successfully complete a degree and the poor condition of educational facilities & amenities.”, one of the students told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).
According to this student, who is also one of the protestors, the Ministry of Science, Research & Technology has issued an enactment in July 2015 requiring the all undergraduate and PhD students to complete their studies in 8 semesters while the permitted length of MA/MSC studies is 4 years. If students take longer than  a fore-mentioned duration to finish their studies, they should pay for continuing their education in addition to paying for the dormitory and food expenses calculated based on non-student rates.
“Due to the poor economical situation of Iran in addition to the increasing rate of inflation and unemployment, many students will be unable to afford paying for continuing their studies if they do not finish their studies by the duration stated above. It is also noteworthy that the students participating in this protest are asking for the annunciation of the above-mentioned enactment while chanting mottoes such as ‘Students are unemployed, where can they get money from’. The students are also asking the university authorities to deal with the poor educational facilities and amnesties.” This student added.