Over the past few days, the Border Regiment at the border between Paveh and Nosoud have reportedly banned people from commuting after 9 pm in addition to carrying out military manoeuvres in order to create an atmosphere of fear and terror in the streets of Nosoud.

“Following a rigorous verbal conflict between Kolbars and the border guards in the Ghalaga area at Nosoud Border where the guards attempted to seize the Kolbars’ cargo, the border guards arrived in the streets of Nosoud overnight and carried out military manoeuvres and Threatened the citizens on Sept 21, 2017,” an informed source told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“The border guards have obliged the citizens not to leave their houses and commute in the streets after 9 pm until a decision is made regarding the detainees arrested by the order of Paveh Prosecution Office”, the source added.

On Thursday, September 21, the border guards in the Ghalaga area at Nosoud Border ambushed a group of Kolbars and attempted to seize their cargo. But the Kolbars confronted the guards with the help of local people. As a result, the Border Guards opened fire on the crowd and a 25-year-old man called “Farzad Ghaderi” from the village of “Neysaneh” sustained injuries on his right leg. Doctors in Bistoon Hospital in Kermanshah have reported that the injured man is in critical condition and they may need to amplify his right leg if they could not remove the two Corinthian bullets.

Following the wounding of this Kurdish Kolbar, Paveh Disciplinary Force aimed at creating an atmosphere of fear among the people and requested Paveh Prosecutor’s Office to take strict measures against Kolbars and border businessmen. Accordingly, Paveh Prosecutor’s Office issued Arrest Warrants for 45 Kurdish citizens of Nosoud and subsidiary villages.