Three Kurdish civilians, Safar Nouri, Farhad Nouri and Shahram Kazemian, were sent to Orumiyeh Prison to serve their sentences.

On Thursday, January 07, a Kurdish civil activist ‘Shahram Kazemian’ was arrested by security forces in the city of Orumiyeh and taken to prison to serve his three years sentence. Kazemian was arrested by security forces of Orumiyeh Ion December 7, 2019, and was transferred to Orumiyeh Central Prison after 27 days at the Ministry of Intelligence Detention centre.

In March 2020, this civil activist was sentenced by Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh to a total of six years in prison on charges of “propaganda activities against the state” and “membership in opposition and dissident groups.” He was released from prison in April of this year on 700 million Tomans bail after being sentenced to prison. The 6 year-imprisonment sentence of this civil activist was upheld by the Orumiyeh Court of Appeal after a few months, but it was later changed to 3 years by the Supreme Court.Moreover, on Tuesday, January 05, two Kurdish civilians from the village of Anbe in Orumiyeh, named Safar Nouri and Farhad Nouri, were sent to prison to serve a one-year sentence.

These people, along with two other civilians from the village of Anbe in Orumiyeh named Ali Azizi and Parviz Nouri, were arrested on August 15 last year by the forces of the Orumiyeh Islamic Revolutionary Gaurd Corps (IRGC). After 28 days of interrogation in the detention centre of the IRGC, the four civilians were transferred to the prison of this city but they were released on bail of 500 million Tomans in the fall of the same year. The trial of the four civilians was held in September of this year at the Branch 2 of the Revolutionary Court of Orumiyeh, during which Parviz Nouri Tabareh and Farhad Nouri, Safar Nouri and Ali Azizi were charged with “acting against national security” through membership in a Kurdish party. They were sentenced to one year in prison. Upon contesting the sentence, the cases of these civil activists were referred to Branch 13 of the Orumiyeh Court of Appeal which reduced the sentence of two of them to one year in prison and acquitted Ali Azizi.