The security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran have taken 13 Kurdish civilians and rights activists into custody on 19-20 January in the West Azerbaijan province, in north-western Iran, sources have told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network.
At least 41 people have so far been detained in the wave of detentions of the Kurds, which began on 9 January in the cities of Mahabad, Bukan, Marivan, Sanandaj, Rabat, Sarvabad, Piranshahr, Naqadeh, Karaj, and Tehran.
Of these detainees, only one was released after six days in custody. The other 40 are still being held in the detention centres of the security agencies of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and the Ministry of Intelligence in the cities of Orumiyeh, Sanandaj, and Marivan.
Sources from the cities of Bukan, Piranshahr, and Naqadeh say it is not known where the detainees were taken.
Security forces raided the houses of these civilians and confiscated their personal belongings, such as mobile phones and laptops. A number of detainees were also subjected to severe verbal and physical violence at the time of detention.
According to sources, on 19 January, civilians and activists Fariba Ahmadi, Rojin Mohammadpour, Fouad Mohammadpour, Hersh Rasoulpour, Mohammad Haji Rasoulpour, Ali Zolfi, and Hossein Mehrabani were detained in Bukan, Karim Khalifani, Hesamoddin Khezri, Rahman Ebrahimi, and Rasoul Lavazeh in Piranshahr, and Diyako Zartoshti in Naqadeh. Additionaly, Qader Rasoulpour was detained in the village of Alikand of Bukan on 20 January.
KHRN had previously reported the names, detention locations and dates of the other 28 civilians and activists.

9 January 2021:

Asrin Mohammadi in Tehran
Aram Yousefi in Sanandaj
Farzad Samani and Sohaib Badrouj in Karaj
Shapol Khezri, Darya Talebani, Salar Rahavi, Sirwan Nouri, Afshin Mamahmadi, Sirwan Hosseinzadeh, and Iman Abdi in Mahabad
Bahman Yousefzadeh, Farhad Musapour, and Fereydoun Musapour in Rabat
Azima Naseri in Bukan
Dana Samadi, Sirwan Karimzadeh, Karvan Minouyi, and Zanyar Motamedi in Marivan

10 January 2021:

Jabar Pirouzi in Marivan

11 January 2021:

Hossein Gardeshi in Bukan

12 January 2021:

Adel Parvazeh in Marivan
Siamak Adwai and Akram Adwai in Sarvabad

14 January 2021:

Amir BayezidiAzar in Mahabad

18 January 2021:

Fereydoun Adwai