Kurdish civilian Foad Habibi has been detained on 27 July in Divandarreh, Kurdistan province, following the arrest of five civilians from the district in the past month and a half.

Security forces have taken Habibi to an undisclosed location.

The KHRN has not yet received information on the charges against and the whereabouts of the civilian.

Meanwhile, Touraj Habibi, Zanyar Moradi, Dler Shah-Mohammadi, Amjad Moradi, and Ahmad Sadeghi, detained at different dates since mid-June, are still held at a security detention centre in Sanandaj, Kurdistan province.

Security forces arrested Touraj Habibi on 13 June, Zanyar Moradi and Dler Shah-Mohammadi on 25 July, Amjad Moradi on 27 July, and Ahmad Sadeghi on 6 July.

These activists and civilians have been denied family visits since their arrests.