Two of the detainees of the November protests in Orumiyeh, Parviz Naseri and Mansour Zinalali Zadeh, were transferred to the central prison of the city, a source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

Parviz Naseri, a resident of the Islamabad neighborhood of Orumiyeh, was arrested by the Intelligence Service agents about nine days ago upon a temporary arrest warrant issued by a prosecutor.

Mansour Zeinali Zadeh, Another civilian of Orumiyeh who was arrested during protests against the sudden rise in petrol price, was taken to the city’s court after interrogations before being transferred to prison on the orders of the judge.

More than a thousand civilians have been detained by the Iranian security forces in the Kurdish cities of Iran during the November protests. The KHRN has previously released the identity of more than 150 the detainees in a special report.