In the past few days, security forces have arrested two activists called Mohammad Saleh Shokri (resident of Saqqez) and Zanyar Dabbaghian from Sanandaj.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that security forces arrested teachers Mohammad Saleh Shokri on Saturday evening, Oct 7, 2018 in his house while searching his house and confiscating a number of his personal belongings. However, there is still no information about his fate after three days.

He was previously arrested by security forces in January 2009 on charges of cooperating with a Kurdish party but he was released on bail after 3 weeks.

Moreover, on Monday evening, Oct 8, 2018, Zanyar Dabbaghian (an activist from Sanandaj) was arrested by security forces at his own house and transferred to an unknown location. During the arrest of this activist, these forces also searched the house and seized a number of his personal belongings.

It should be noted that this activist had been arrested earlier on Feb 1, 2015 by security forces in Sanandaj but he was later released from Sanandaj Central Prison on bail.