Hossein Kamangar, Basam Moradi and Xaled Zamani have been transferred to the Kamyaran Prison from the Kamyaran and Sanandaj Intelligence Bureau during the past few days.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): on Saturday, Aug 10, 2019, Hossein Kamangar was transferred to Kamyaran Prison from the Kamyaran Intelligence Bureau while Xaled Zamani and Basam Moradi were transferred to the Kamyaran Prison with temporary arrest warrant. Hossein Kamangar is currently being held in the quarantine ward and the other two detainees are held in the internal prison ward.

Basam Moradi, a civilian from Kamyaran who was arrested by security forces on Apr 29, 2019, had a brief visit with his family at the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre in Sanandaj in early August. He has told his family that the interrogators were putting pressure on him to confess to being involved in a security scenario.

Xaled Zamani, another detained civilian, was arrested at his home in early May by security forces and taken to the Sanandaj Intelligence Bureau.

Hossein Kamangar was arrested on January 5, 2019. He was on Hunger strike for three weeks in protest to his continued detention and being under pressure to make forced confessions during his hunger strike.