Over 200 Detainees Transferred to Sanandaj, Kermanshah Prisons 

Over 200 detainees from the cities Javanrud, Sare pol Zahab, Kermanshah, Marivan and Saqqez have been transferred than to the central prisons of Sanandaj and Dizelabad in Kermanshah, various sources told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

As per the sources, Dizelabad, Kermanshah and Sanandaj prisons already lacking sufficient facilities, and the transfer of detainees arrested during recent protests in various cities of Kurdistan has made the situation of prisoners in these prisons more critical.

The sources added that some detainees were injured due to being beaten or shot, and they have been denied medical treatment due to limited medical facilities and lack of doctors in those prisons.

The detained children have also been transferred to the Youth Correctional Center and Quarantine Center of the central prisons of Sanandaj and Dizelabad in Kermanshah.