A Kurdish Kolber (Border Couriers) from Mariwan stepped on a landmine that was left from the Iran-Iraq war in this area.

According to the information received by the Kurdistan Human Rights Network, a Kurdish Kolber, Anoushirvan Rezaei from Hilzawa Village of Mariwan wounded in a landmine explosion in the Darwaran, a border region of Mariwan, on Saturday, June 17, 2017.

He is hospitalised in Mariwan and went into surgery.

27 years after the Iran-Iraq war, the borders of Iran and Iraq are still infected with thousands of landmines left over from the war. Every year, hundreds of Kurds fall victim to landmine explosions in Iran Kurdistan.

Over the past few years, the process of landmine removal has stopped to some extent and the border and the Revolutionary Guards are also planting landmines around the new border checkpoints.