In the past week, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps(IRGC) opened fire on a number of Kolbars in Qur’an border region of Khoy. In this incident, a Kurdish Kolbar was killed while another one was injured.

“On Saturday, July 15, the Revolutionary Guards opened fire on a number of Kolbars who were passing along the Turkish border near “Tars Abad village” of Qur’at of Khoy City. As a result, a Kurdish Kolbar called Mahmud Rashidi was killed while another one called Yusuf Mohammadi was injured. The injured Kolbar entered the Turkey land after being injured where he was arrested by Turkish troops,” an informed source in Khoy told Kurdistan Human Rights Network.

“Mahmud Rashidi, a 45-year-old resident of ‘Mir Omar village’(Mirumar), was married with four children. Over the past two years, his two Kolbar brothers were also killed by Iranian disciplinary forces,” the source added.

Another source in Orumiyeh has reported that a Kolbar was injured in the border areas of this city. According to this source, on Wednesday night July 19, a Kolbar named “Einollah Sidariyifar” who was carrying gasoline has been shot and severely injured by disciplinary forces at the border area of Ziveh.

It is also noteworthy that on April 1 of this year, five Kolbars were forced to change their route after being chased by the disciplinary forces near the same village. They were caught in an avalanche which unfortunately led to the death of four and severe injury of another.

Lately, the Kurdish Human Rights Network released a video about taking out the dead body of these Kolbars from the depths of snow near the same village.

In Total, the Iranian disciplinary forces have killed 3 Kurdish citizens and injured 6 others on the pretext of fighting smuggling within the past two weeks.