Five Kurdish cultural activists of Kermanshah attempting to stage a demonstration in protest to killing Kolbars were arrested by Iranian Disciplinary Forces and later transferred to the Intelligence detention centre of Kermanshah IRGC.

According to the information obtained by KHRN, on Thursday, September 07, five activists- who had attempted to Rally in protest to the Killing of Kurdish Kolbars- in Kermanshah’s Koudak Park were arrested by security forces by Iranian Disciplinary Forces. These 5 activists have been identified as Farzad Safre (Poet and Cultural Activist), Foad Mozafari (Writer, Literary Critic, Cultural Activist), Shahriar Rostami, (Writer and Translator), Arsalan Abbasi (Musician and Tanbur Player) and Shahriar Tahmasbi (Cultural Activist).

The five cultural activists were carrying a banner which read “Take the load of poverty and unemployment from Kurdistan shoulders”. They were arrested by disciplinary forces and sent to the Intelligence detention centre of Kermanshah IRGC later.

There is no news about fate of these detainees and where they have been taken.

During the past several days, a number of civil and cultural activists had announced that they would hold a gathering on Thursday, September 06 in protest to the killing of Kulbers in front of the governor’s office in Kermanshah.

It is worth mentioning that Iranian disciplinary forces (NAJA) shot two Kolbars in the head and killed them in the Border area of Hnegezhal of Baneh on Monday morning, September 04. The concerned Kulbers were called Ghader Bahrami (41 from the village of Wazmalah, married with four children) and Heydar Faraji (21 from the village of Shesheh in Baneh and single). The two Kolbars were not carrying goods.

In recent days, at least 28 civil activists and citizens have been arrested by Disciplinary and security forces in Baneh, Sanandaj and Kermanshah. Yesterday, three of these civilian activists from Sanandaj called Sohrab Jalali, Mozaffar Salehnia and Khalid Hosseini were released after a few hours of detention.