Over the past few days, Sardasht border guards have seized the cargo of dozens of Kolbars and left them without shoes after forcing them to strip naked. Moreover, a kolbar was injured by the direct shooting of the guards.

“On Oct 14, 2017, “Dasht Kapran” border checkpoint officers targeted a group of six Kurdish Kolbars near “Dolebi” and wounded a kolbar called Kamran from Mahabad by direct shooting. The Kolbars were forced to strip naked and left in the mountains after their cargo was seized.”, a Kolbar in Sardasht told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“Last night, October 17th, about thirty Kolbars from the same area were also detained by the border guards for several hours and their cargos were seized. The border guards not only were disrespectful towards these kolbars and forced them strip naked but also they were chased away from the border area. “

According to data collected by KHEN, the city of Sardasht was the deadliest region of Kurdistan with 18 cases of death and injury among Kolbars in 2016. The number of Kolbars losing their lives is increasing every year due to the failure of the Iranian government to prosecute armed forces committing these murders.