Marketers in Baneh have continued their strike despite the pressure and threats of the security forces for the twentieth day in protest to the blockade of the unofficial border crossings of Kurdistan and the high cost of customs during the past four months in addition to the authorities’ failure to fulfil their promise of solving the problems of marketers.

The Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that, on Friday, May 04, there was high-security alert in Baneh city due to the presence of numerous anti-riot forces (Riot Police) while police forces were stationed on a number of streets in the city. Furthermore, the internet connection in Baneh has been disbanded by the Provincial Council during the past three days to stop the coverage of the strike.

Kolbars, border businessmen and protesters said that they would continue to strike and protest until their demands are fulfilled.

An informed source in the city of Baneh told KHRN that a military caravan has arrived in Baneh from Hamedan a couple of days ago and settled on the streets and the entrance to Baneh city. Due the vast number of military forces, citizens prefer to stay at home and do not commute in the city.

“I support the honourable people of Baneh with their legal and legitimate demands and plead the authorities to treat the noble people of this land with respect and respond positively to their rights and demands.”, Hasan Amini, chairman of the Quran School Council of Kurdistan, announced in a statement of the strike in Baneh.

There are also reports that dozens of strikers have been arrested by security guards during the recent days. However, due to the interruption of the Internet connection in the city, there is not any accurate information about the identity of the detainees.

On Saturday, April 15, businessmen and marketers in Baneh and Jawanrood closed their shops in protest to the blockade of border crossing and the high cost of customs while setting empty tablecloths to show that they could not feed their families. In the following days, marketers from the cities of Marivan, Saghez, Piranshahr and Sardasht have also joined the strike.