Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN): A 29-year-old Kolbar, Shaker Pourkhaled from Dizaj Mirghoor village of Orumiyeh, died of frostbite at the village of Darman Abad in Sardasht on March 18.

According to a Kolbar in Orumiyeh, a number of Kurdish citizens living in the border villages of Orumiyeh such as Oshnavyeh, Piranshahr and Sardasht have turned into Kolbari over the past few years due to the closure of the borders of Iran with Turkey.

Meanwhile, five Kolbars from the village of Besaran of Sarv Abad, who were trapped in the Huraman border area in the snow and Blizzard on Saturday, March 16, were rescued by the local people after several hours.

According to the report released by KHRN recently, four kolbars have lost their life due to direct shootings of Iranian forces, frostbite and falling from mountains while six others were wounded in less than a month.