Iranian Anti-Smuggling officers chased a vehicle belonging to a tradesman “Hassan Rasoulzadeh” in Saqqez route to Sanandaj on Friday. This chase led to an accident with another vehicle in which both drivers were killed.

“On Friday, July 12, 2019, Anti-Smuggling forces chased a Peugeot vehicle owned by an artist “Hassan Rasoulzadeh” carrying Air-conditioning units in Saqqez route to Sanandaj (around the village of Hossein Abad). As a result, the car was hit another car.”, A source from Saqqez told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN).

“In this accident, Hassan Rasoulzadeh, married with two children, as well as the driver of the other vehicle died. The identity of the other driver is still unknown.” the source added.

According to this source, confronting and chasing the smugglers leads to heavy road accidents every year. With the rise in inflation and unemployment rate, a large number of Kurdish citizens are engaged in such high-risk jobs. Each year, dozens of people are killed on the roads of Saqqez and Sanandaj during confrontations with the anti-smuggler police forces who shoot at the vehicles of tradesmen. For these police forces care more about the seizure of two Air-conditionings than the life of people.

KHRN has previously released the video of chasing tradesmen on one of the roads leading to the Saqqez city, This video has been filmed by the police forces.